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Six Heads Stone Concrete Manual Floor Polisher 5.5HP 220V 20 Inch

Six Heads Stone Concrete Manual Floor Polisher 5.5HP 220V 20 Inch

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    Concrete Floor Grinding Machine


    Concrete Floor Polisher


    Six Heads Manual Floor Polisher

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    Made in China
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    CE, ISO9001,etc
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    Iron frame+carton, Export wooden box
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    TT , West Union
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    150 sets/month

Six Heads Stone Concrete Manual Floor Polisher 5.5HP 220V 20 Inch

5.5HP 220V 20 Inch 6 Heads Stone Concrete Floor Manual Polishing Machine


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Quick Detail:


Name 6 Heads Manual Polishing Machine Application Marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete floor
Type MRK-V6-220B Function Leveling, polishing, grinding, renovating





  1. Application and function: stone leveling, stone grinding, concrete grinding, concrete polishing, high-speed railway beam surface grinding, also apply to remove the old coat etc., very high efficiency, best effect.

  2. A larger cross chassis is to improve the work efficiency, speed increases 180 rpm/min, improve the working efficiency and make better construction effect. This V6 is one of the most efficient of the 6pcs grinding discs stone grinding machines currently.



For stone leveling, stone polishing and grinding, concrete polishing and grinding, also apply to remove the old coat of epoxy etc...




Type MRK-V6-220B/380B MRK-V6-380A
Power 5.5hp 5.5hp
Voltage 220V-240V/380B-440V 380V-440V
Speed 0-1500 rpm 780 rpm
Work Area 310×550mm 310×550mm
Grinding discs 6PCS 6PCS
Weight 190+20kgs 190+20kgs
Function Cut, renewal, polish and crystal face Cut, renewal, polish and crystal face
Effect Best Best


Detail picture:


Six Heads Stone Concrete Manual Floor Polisher 5.5HP 220V 20 Inch 0

Six Heads Stone Concrete Manual Floor Polisher 5.5HP 220V 20 Inch 1

Available abrasive:

  1. Diamond resin pads
  2. Diamond grinding shoes
  3. Metal diamond grinding discs




Six Heads Stone Concrete Manual Floor Polisher 5.5HP 220V 20 Inch 2


Matters Needing Attention in Floor Renovation

Because of long-term use, the floor in our home will gradually aging and lose its gloss. Then many people will refurbish the floor when they are renovating their homes, and refurbish the old tiles into new ones. In fact, sometimes this is not necessary. Without replacing the new tiles, we can make our home feel completely new. Only need to use the refurbished polishing technology of diamond polishing pads, the floor will regain its gloss after grinding and polishing. The diamond polishing pads are used for maintenance and renovation of various material floors.

The traditional construction technology causes the terrazzo floor to be very rough. And over time, the terrazzo floor will encounter very prominent problems in actual use, such as weathering, abrasion, staining, and dullness. It will bring serious problems to the daily sanitary and termite control. How to restore the original beautiful beauty of weathered and abraded terrazzo is an increasingly urgent problem to be solved in the architectural decoration industry.

Facing the weathering and abrasion of the terrazzo floor, many contractors use a layer of wax after removing the dirt on the stone surface. Many people think that after waxing, the floor can be kept translucent. In fact, this method can only temporarily keep the floor bright and beautiful, and the retention period is limited, so this method is not the best solution to the terrazzo floor problem. To reform a protective film on the terrazzo floor, it is necessary to polish and protect the terrazzo floor. The weathered and abraded aging layer of the terrazzo surface can be shaved off with a terrazzo floor grinder to expose the fresh layer, and then use terrazzo diamond tools of different grits to coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing the terrazzo floor for maintenance.