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Dongguan Merrock Industry Co.,Ltd 86--13217696818
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We focus on Stone Floor Polisher, Concrete Floor Grinder, Terrazzo Floor Grinder, Marble Floor Polisher products and so on

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China Dongguan Merrock Industry Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Merrock Industry Co.,Ltd

The DongGuan Merrock Industry Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of floor surface grinding and polishing machine, diamond polishing pads, marble crystal powder and concrete curing agent! We have a number of excellent talents in Research, production, sales and technology consultant with professional skills, it already developed into a famous manufacturer in the surface grinding system field. Merrock is equipped with production and sales department for machine, chemical industry product and abrasive separately. Merrock mainly research and produce: Machine, Chemical industry, Abrasive and Hardware tools. We have strong advantage in the technology and research, and some of our products gain great advantage in china in the research and technology. Merrock took over an abrasive factory name ...

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