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1500rpm 220V / 380V Epoxy Ground Grinding Machine

1500rpm 220V / 380V Epoxy Ground Grinding Machine

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    380V Ground Grinding Machine


    220V Ground Grinding Machine


    1500rpm Ground Grinder

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1500rpm 220V / 380V Epoxy Ground Grinding Machine

1500 RPM Concrete Floor Grinder 220V /380V Epoxy Ground Grinding Machine


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Quick Detail:


Name Concrete Floor Grinder Application Terrazzo, concrete floor, epoxy ground
Type MRK-400B Function Leveling, grinding






1, It’s used for concrete and epoxy coating grinding, wipe off paint, old epoxy ground and zebra crossing etc.

2, It has nice appearance, saves space with adjustable handle, low noise and light vibration when it is operation.

3, The centralized control system makes the operation more convenient. People first, consider humanity.

4, It can work continuously with the high efficiency.






For concrete and epoxy coating grinding, wipe off paint, old epoxy ground and zebra crossing etc...





Type MRK-400B
Weight(kg) 120kg
Work area 380mm
Work speed 0-1500rpm
Motor Type(Simens) Entire sealed fan-shaped
Motor Power 3.0KW*4P/50HZ
Motor Voltage 220V-240V/380V-440V
Vacuum Output 0.55KW/0.55KW
Vacuum Wind power 2.2㎡/min
Vacuum Wind pressure 16.7Kpa
Vacuum Voltage 220V/380V
Capacity of dust collector 20L
Packing size 100x50x100cm



Detail picture:


1500rpm 220V / 380V Epoxy Ground Grinding Machine 0


What is Concrete Grinder?

A concrete grinder is a machine used as a finishing tool. It levels and smooths out surfaces by the use of rotating discs engineered with abrasive diamond bits. Concrete grinders come in many different sizes and are used in various applications.

Hand-Held Concrete Grinders Walk-Behind Concrete Grinders

The selection of concrete grinder is dependent on the job to be executed and the type of material to be removed. Major classification of concrete grinders are hand-held grinders and walk-behind grinders.

1. Hand-Held Concrete Grinders

Hand-held concrete grinders are used to grind concrete surfaces in corners, tight areas, and areas where pedestrian concrete grinders cannot easily reach for grinding. The grinding process creates a considerable amount of mud which is extracted by a shroud and extraction hose connected to the equipment unit.

2. Walk-Behind Concrete Grinders

The walk-back grinders are big concrete grinders unit that helps grind concrete onto the body of the floor. Large areas of concrete will be ground with these machines as they usually exist various models of walk-behind concrete grinders. The two main categories are rotary grinders and planetary grinders.

Rotary Grinders

Rotary grinders use a single large pad that spins at high speeds. Because these grinders have a higher rotational speed and are heavier, they are great for jobs that require heavy removal of surface matter. Rotary grinders can also create a better polish on concrete floors if done right.

However, because they're heavier and have high-speed rotating discs, they're often more difficult to maneuver. These grinders take more training in order to operate skillfully. Rotary grinders can often leave irregular scratch patterns in the concrete if the operator is not correctly trained.

Planetary Grinders

Instead of only using one disc like the rotary grinder, planetary grinders make use of multiple pads to get the job done. These pads spin simultaneously albeit at different speeds. Multiple discs with different abrasiveness allow a planetary grinder to remove material and finish a concrete floor at the same time.

Planetary grinders are more lightweight and easier to maneuver than the rotary grinders. Their design allows the operator to maneuver in straight lines without having to struggle. Planetary grinders work great for smaller jobs. They're ideal for jobs that don't require heavy concrete restoration.