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Marble Granite Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine Six Heads 220V

Marble Granite Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine Six Heads 220V

  • High Light

    Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine


    Terrazzo Floor Grinder


    Six Heads Floor Polishing Machine

  • Product Name
    Terrazzo Floor Polisher
  • Function
    Terrazzo, Concrete, Marble, Granite
  • Grinding Head
    6 Heads
  • Motor
  • Inverter
  • Rotating Speed
  • Water Tank
  • Working Width
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Piece
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export Carton & Iron Frame
  • Delivery Time
    5-10 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, L/C
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Marble Granite Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine Six Heads 220V

220V Terrazzo Floor Polisher Machine Marble Granite Polishing


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1. Aluminum die-casting gear box

2. Global well-known brands motor and inverter

3. External vacuum port

4. Components through precision lathe processing

5. With emergency stop button and reverse button on panel

6. Multifunctional grinding discs can be fixed various polishing pads to reduce the cost





Item Data
Model MRK-V6-220B
Voltage 220V
Motor 5.5HP
Inverter 5.5HP
Speed 0-1500rpm
Work width 310*550mm
Water tank 30L
Heads 12pcs
Grinding plate 2pcs
Weight 190kgs



Application & Function:


  • Stone leveling, stone grinding, concrete grinding, concrete polishing, and high speed railway beam surface grinding. also apply to remove the old coat. etc. high efficiency.
  • A larger cross chassis is to improve the work efficiency, speed increases180rpm/min, improve the working efficiency and make better construction effect. this MRK-V6 is one of the most efficient of the 6 heads grinding discs grinding machines.
  • Multifunctional grinding discs can be fixed. various polishing pads to reduce your operation cost.

Marble Granite Terrazzo Floor Polishing Machine Six Heads 220V 0


The Properties of Industrial Diamonds in Polished Concrete

Both synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds have the same chemistry and structure, although synthetic diamonds tend to be more uniform in their characteristics because of the lack of impurities that may be found in natural diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance. Diamonds also have the highest thermal conductivity of any naturally occurring substance. Diamonds are generally clear and colorless, however, impurities may result in colored or cloudy diamonds.

Because diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance, they can be used for grinding, abrading, or cutting every other material, including other diamonds. Their high thermal conductivity also contributes to their effectiveness in grinding, abrading, and cutting by carrying heat away from the surface. This is important because the glazing of tool surfaces and blades occurs when the tool has been heated to the point that the tool surface melts.

When creating a polished concrete floors, the hardness and thermal conductivity make industrial diamonds ideal for use as an abrasive. Metal bond diamond abrasives are formed by sintering metal with diamonds with the level of abrasiveness. When the diamond abrasive is over 400 grit, generally for polishing concrete. This combines the hardness and heat transfer properties of diamonds with the strength and heat-dissipating properties of metal. These tools are key to a concrete polishing system that is efficient because fewer passes are required to polish concrete floors. Moreover, longer lasting tools mean less waste. Less waste, combined with environmentally friendly chemicals, creates a concrete polishing system that results in a sustainable polished concrete floor.