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220V 17" Rotary Stone Floor Polisher 175 RPM With Safety Switch

220V 17" Rotary Stone Floor Polisher 175 RPM With Safety Switch

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    17" Stone Floor Polisher


    Stone Floor Polisher 175 RPM


    220V Rotary Floor Polisher

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220V 17" Rotary Stone Floor Polisher 175 RPM With Safety Switch

MRK-175 17" Floor Polisher 220V 175 RPM with safety switch


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♦ MRK-175 Rotary Floor polisher is well suited to a wide range of tasks , from washing to buffing & polishing.
♦ Complete With: add weight & pad holder, as well as aluminum disc .
♦ MRK-175 is a newly devised single disc machine, with aluminium body , they combine efficiency and versatility together with modern ergonomics.
♦ During tasks requiring water, it ensures considerable water savings as water is constantly kept within the disc area, without being dispersed.
♦ It is not just a cleaning machine, but a cleaning system. Its easy to use, it ensures high performance on every surface. It is easy to transport and to operate without tiring the operator.




Quick Detail:


Name Floor polisher Application Marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete floor
Type MRK-175-2.5 Function Cleaning, polishing




  1. Use joint-stock motor and gearbox, gearbox is steel.
  2. Whole body (handle, motor casing, chassis) is made from aluminium.




For polishing the marble, granite terrazzo and concrete floor, use at the hotel, airport, shopping mall, industrial factory etc...





Type MRK-175-2.5
Power 2.5HP
Voltage 220V-240V
Frequency 50HZ
Speed 175R/MIN
Noise <=60DB
Chassis Diameter 17"
Body Weight 55KG
Addition Weight 12KGx2
Power cord 12m
Water tank 23L
Free spares 17" Alumium disc 1pc,
17" Pad holder 1pc



Detail picture:

220V 17" Rotary Stone Floor Polisher 175 RPM With Safety Switch 0 






What is a Floor Buffer?

A floor buffer is a machine that is designed to both clean and protect wood, marble and linoleum floors. It gently dislodges dirt and leaves behind a glossy finish in the floor surface. This machine typically resembles a large upright vacuum cleaner and has soft brushes that rotate underneath it to buff the floor.
The rotary brushes on a floor buffer can operate at varying speeds, depending on the type of floor. The buffer has a steering handle and a set of controls that are used by its operator. The controls are used to manage the direction and speed of the rotary brushes.
Use of Cleansers
Floor buffers usually are employed along with some sort of a cleaning agent. It is not unusual for the liquid cleanser to be sprayed on a section of the floor just before the buffer is used on that area. The cleaning agent will help to loosen any dirt and grime from the surface of the floor, making the process of obtaining a clean and glossy floor much easier.
Industrial Models
Buffing floors in different settings will require a variety of speeds and mobility, so there are different sizes of floor buffers available. Commercial or industrial buffers usually are larger and can cover a wider area of the floor with each pass. Some commercial models also double as floor strippers. Increasing the speed and the pressure employed by the rotary brushes can change the floor buffer's effects from simply cleaning the surface to stripping off wax buildups or stains. These combination floor strippers and buffers tend to be very expensive, but they are almost an essential for maintaining floors in public buildings.
Home Versions
For home use, smaller versions of floor buffers often work very well. Designed to buff floors that receive the usual amount of home traffic, they operate at lower speeds that commercial or industrial buffers and often do not include a stripping feature. Instead, they simply work in conjunction with a cleaning agent to lift dirt and grime and leave behind a clean and shiny floor surface. A home floor buffer is much less expensive than an industrial version, and it tends to be a bit smaller. This allows the home floor buffer to easily get into tight areas, such as in a bathroom, between furniture or in nooks and crevices in a kitchen.